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    Reliable, fast and on time

    Arborist Action’s crew made my family happy. The service was prompt and the job was completed faster than I imagined.


    Great Service

    michelleExcellent and professional people. They were a pleasure to have around. Dylan was always keeping me updated as to their progress.


    Very Professional

    keithThey had the tree removed the same day the tree fell. They did such a good job, we hired them to remove other dead trees.

    Certified Jacksonville Tree Service Experts

    Serving Duval County with Over 20 Years of Combined Experience

    Arborist Action Tree Service is a trusted family-owned business that has cared for the natural landscapes of Jacksonville and Duval County since 1995. With their 25+ years of experience, they are dedicated to providing outstanding tree services to keep your home or business looking green and healthy!

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    Arborist Action Tree Service in Jacksonville. Call Us Today For All Your Tree Service Needs.


    Your Certified Jacksonville Tree Experts!

    Dedicated to Providing Our Residential and Commercial Customers with Exceptional Tree Services


    ISA-Certified Arborists

    With years of experience and formal training, our Certified Arborist in Jacksonville, FL provides expertise that guarantees protection and peace of mind. Every project we manage is done with a fantastic professional’s highest standards.

    Safest Tree Removal Jacksonville Methods

    At Tree Removal Jacksonville, we never take safety lightly. We always use the most secure methods when removing trees from your property to ensure it is done efficiently and without incident. Although our goal is to save every tree possible, sometimes removal may be necessary. Rest assured that in those cases, you can trust us for top-notch service with an emphasis on keeping everyone safe!

    Expert Tree Service Business

    Our family-owned and operated tree service in Jacksonville, FL, provides a wealth of knowledge from decades of experience. Take advantage of our commitment to hard work and dedication for all your tree care needs!

    Happiness Guaranteed

    At our tree service company, we offer professional and affordable services for our valued residential and commercial clients. We endeavor to ensure each job is done with exceptional quality that stands out from the competition – let us show you what makes us one-of-a-kind!


    Tree Care Jacksonville Tree Service

    Trees offer a multitude of benefits to your compound, from enhancing privacy and providing shade to encouraging wildlife habitat. However, if you don’t provide adequate care, they can become hazardous or diseased – which is why we’re here!

    Our professional tree trimming services will improve the branch structure for an aesthetically pleasing look while pruning away any potentially dangerous branches or limbs. Not only that, but our team is also capable of expertly removing dead/irreparably damaged trees, so never fear – all while making sure none of these problems appear on your landscape.

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    Why You Should Work With Professional Tree Service Providers


    Benefits of Hiring Professional Tree Service Providers

    Tree trimming may seem like a simple task, but it requires specialized expertise and tools. A single wrong snip could permanently damage your tree. Climbing to the top of one without proper safety equipment increases the risk of dangerous falls – with medical bills potentially running into thousands!

    Being a homeowner can be daunting when it comes to pruning and tree trimming. Without specialized equipment, you are at risk of causing severe property damage and potential harm to yourself or the tree! To avoid such risks and costly repairs, enlisting professional services is the best option. They have all the experience needed for safe branch removal without injury or destruction.

    Our experienced professionals in Jacksonville, FL utilize today’s modern tools and techniques to provide a full range of expert tree services. We will carefully prune your trees by lowering branches with ropes, ensuring that nothing on or around your property is harmed. When it comes time for removal, you can rest easy knowing our knowledgeable staff has years of experience safely bringing down any sized tree. That, without damaging anything else nearby – all at an affordable cost!

    Jacksonville Tree Services

    1Jacksonville Tree Removal


    Tree removal can be difficult for property owners who have grown accustomed to their trees. Still, it may be the best course of action in certain circumstances. In these cases, Tree Removal Jacksonville can provide expert services to help solve all of your problems:

    • If a tree is keeping you from developing residential properties
    • The tree is dead
    • The tree has turned into a hazard

    Our experienced arborists are determined to carry out tree removal with the utmost care and efficiency. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we bring down even large trees without compromising their lovely surroundings. By precisely cutting each section of the trunk, our team can selectively remove trees while preserving the surrounding ecosystem. This guarantees your home remains unscathed by this delicate operation.

    After carefully bringing your tree down, our skilled team can help you reclaim the space for other activities. We have various options to rid your area of any unsightly stump: grinding it out with precision and care to digging away its roots entirely. Let us restore order—and beauty—to your outdoor living space!

    2Jacksonville Tree Pruning


    If your tree needs some TLC, our expert Jacksonville arborists are game to provide an amazing job! Pruning not only reinvigorates ailing trees and improves their safety but also beautifies properties to increase overall value. Let us help you nurture nature for maximum benefit – prune up those overgrown branches with confidence today!

    Our tree service in Jacksonville, FL is equipped with the latest tools and resources to safely remove hazardous tree parts without causing any damage. Using ropes, crane service, or bucket trucks, we can carefully lower each branch, thus giving your foliage back its attractive shape!

    3Jacksonville Tree Trimming


    Tree trimming is essential for property owners who want to restore their landscape’s beauty. It shapes and trims branches that obstruct the natural form of trees, making them look tidy. Additionally, it increases safety by eliminating potentially dangerous buckling limbs plus those infected with disease or parasites – thus improving tree health in Jacksonville, FL and beyond!

    Jacksonville homeowners know that autumn is the perfect time for tree care. When temperatures drop and trees enter their dormant stage, professional service providers use modern tools to ensure a healthy season ahead. However, our expert arborists can give your yard some extra TLC at any point in the year!

      4Jacksonville Emergency Tree Removal


      Property owners can save time and money with emergency tree removal. This service is essential for avoiding costly repairs caused by trees that may be on the brink of falling onto residential areas, utility lines, or busy roads. By acting before disaster strikes, these issues can be avoided making sure you’re covered in case trouble finds its way to your doorstep!

      When it comes to emergency tree services, we mean business. No matter the time of day or night – our 24/7 hotline ensures you can always get a rapid response when it matters most. We know that even an unexpected fallen branch (more so fallen trees) requires immediate action, so stand ready at all times, never leaving you in need!

      We understand that an emergency tree service can be unexpected and costly, so we’ll work with you to ensure the removal process fits within your budget. We will arrive at a time convenient for you to help make this experience as hassle-free as possible.

      5Jacksonville Certified Arborist


      Tree services often rely on an expert arborist for proper and safe results. The right branches are carefully selected through pruning to ensure each tree is optimally healthy afterward. Tree trimming goes even further; it enables unique shapes or branch structures that bring out the best features in a particular type of tree!

      Keeping your trees in top-notch condition doesn’t have to be hard! Our team of highly qualified arborists can help you avoid costly emergency tree removals with regular preventative services. With years of experience and formal training, our experts are equipped to handle all tree care projects – ensuring great results every time.

      In Jacksonville, the health of our trees can be compromised at times – and that’s where a certified arborist comes in. A qualified professional is trained to spot signs of illness, from leaf discoloration or disease-causing insects. Their expertise ensures your tree stays healthy for years to come. Thanks to careful diagnostics and tailored treatments using a range of prescription solutions, they’ll have your treasured green companion back on track before you know it!

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